Fitness Programming

Rooftop Yoga
Synergy offers fitness challenges and other compelling programming designed to motivate and engage your users. With years of experience in program design, our experts know how to craft a campaign that draws people in and helps them get results.

Programs can be stand-alone or may culminate with a specific team event such as a 5k run or Tough Mudder race.

Examples of successful challenges which Synergy has led include:

  • 10 week bootcamp leading up to a Tough Mudder (11 mile race with 25 obstacles)
  • 6 week bootcamp leading up to a Warrior Dash (3 mile race with 10 obstacles)
  • A couch to 5k walking/running group leading up to the Ugly Sweater Run National Harbor
  • 8 week Weight Loss Challenges, proven success with average weight loss of 8 – 15 lbs per participant