Synergy In the Spotlight! – Local News

Check out one of our senior managers, Katie Skero, give insightful tips on one of our local DMV news channels about how to continue your progress during the new year!

“’It’s our biggest time of the year,’ says Katie Skero, a personal trainer for Synergy Fitness.

She told us the new year would normally bring packed gyms and full classes. COVID has changed all that. Many classes have gone online as gyms have either limited occupancy or have shut down all together. That has left many of us trying to figure out a fitness routine ourselves.

There are still plenty of options other than a gym membership that can help you shed pounds and save money. Items like resistance bands, exercise sliders, and even a simple jump rope. For a few hundred dollars you can buy a fitness tracker like a FitBit or Apple Watch to help remind you when to work out and log your progress.

Skero told us , ‘we use them a lot. we’ve run programs that you link up your fitness band to an app and it keeps track of all the data. it’s definitely a big help to have them.’

Trainers or gyms are still there for us but instead of signing up for a full membership there are the online classes to take.

Or you can price out sessions with a person trainer. ‘So many things out there that are free you can get just as good of a workout doing it that way than using the expensive equipment,’ says Skero.”


View the article and video segment here on our local DMV news, ABC7 WJLA: