Fitness Center Management

Let the experts at Synergy Fitness Group direct the operations of your fitness center, allowing your organization to focus on its primary mission rather than the time-consuming tasks of running a fitness center. We’ll provide you with the staff, operational expertise, and programming to manage a full-service fitness center that will engage and retain your users.

Staffing, programs, and policies will be designed to include all of the essential components required to meet your organization’s needs. We’ll work with your management to determine all aspects of programming. Whatever your employees or tenants need, Synergy’s experts will happily tailor programming that fits best.

  • fitness center staffing
  • on-site personal training
  • group exercise classes including yoga, pilates, Zumba, barre, cycling, and more
  • fitness assessments
  • educational seminars on vital fitness and wellness topics
  • walking and running groups
  • equipment orientation
  • hospitality services
  • weight loss programs, fitness challenges and bootcamps
  • towel service
  • equipment maintenance and repair service
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