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Sarah Hall

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Site Manager: Sarah Hall

site manager: Sarah Hall

Sarah is the Site Manager and Lead Personal Trainer at Penderbrook Fitness Center. Sarah studied Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise Science at Virginia Tech, followed by earning her Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion through California University of Pennsylvania. She has worked in fitness since 2015, beginning in commercial gyms before transitioning into corporate settings. She has trained a variety of clients including weight loss, endurance events, injury rehabilitation, and older adults. When not in the gym working on her deadlift, Sarah enjoys long hikes with scenic vistas and the occasional trail run.

Special Interest:
  • Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training, Corrective Exercise
favorite quote:
  • “The human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts.” – Hermann M. Biggs
Certifications & Continuing Education:
  • S. Exercise Science and Health Promotion
  • NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (Fall 2017)
  • American Red Cross and American Heart Association CPR, AED, and First Aid


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