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Nic Gonzales

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Site Manager: Nic Gonzales

SITE manager: Nic Gonzales

Nic is the Director of Business  Development and Operations for Synergy where he oversees day to day operations for all Synergy locations.  He is the Site Manager at 1501 K Street, 1615 L Street, 1800 M Street, Columbia Center, and 800 17th Street.

He is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, personal trainer, and health and wellness coach. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2010 with a degree in Exercise Science, he went on to get his Exercise Physiologist Certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. He also is a certified Diabetes Prevention Specialist and Health and Wellness coach.

Nic has been working in the health and fitness field with all ages and fitness levels since graduating. Most recently he was working with the overweight and obese population doing wellness coaching and personal training at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center.


Email: Nic@synergyfitnessgroup.com

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