Workout of the Week: No Sweat, Go for a Swim

Siobhan Wyatt, Senior Manager


Swimming pools. Not just a great place to cool off in the summers, but a great addition to keeping up with your fitness goals! Grab your goggles and give this workout a try!

Breathing: Find a flow to your inhale, typically done on one side of the body.  If you have to take a breath every stroke, it’s time to make your way to the wall and hangout for a bit until you catch your breath.

Swim with a lifeguard!


Shallow End Warmup

High Knees – 30 reps

Jumping Jacks – 30 reps

Water running Sprints short ends – 4 laps


Swimming circuit

Complete both circuits 2x through with a break in between as needed. Don’t forget to hydrate during this workout!

2 laps each, catch breath before moving to next one.


Breast Stroke

Side Stroke (x2)

Back Stroke


1 Length each:


Breast Stroke

Side Stroke (x2)

Back Stroke



Dry land cool down

2x each, 30 seconds

Hamstring Stretch

Arm Criss-Crosses

Chest Wall Stretch


Want to use this as a program? Grab a timer and see how long it takes to complete the circuit. Each week, aim to improve your time/increase laps.