Workout of the Week: Mobility & Stability

Alex Rogers, Site Manager


Get ready to increase your mobility and stability with this heart-pumping workout!

Repeat all exercise rounds 2-3x.



downward dog

Start in a crawl position (on hands and knees) so that your hands are under your shoulder and your knees are under your hips.Next, walk your hands forward and then lift hips up towards the ceiling as you straighten your knees and elbows as shown. Make sure you do not let your shoulders sink into your neck. Push the floor away with your hands/arms. Push your head in between your arms and push chest towards thighs. Hold this position. Tighten your quads and if able, you can lower your heels to the floor. If not, pedal your feet – one heel down to the ground at a time. Slow deep diaphragm breathing the entire time.

Repeat 5 Times Hold 2 Seconds



While on your hands and knees in a crawl position, raise up your back and arch it towards the ceiling like an angry cat. Next return to a lowered position and arch your back the opposite direction. While in ‘cat’ position think ‘head to butt’ and while in ‘camel’ position think ‘head to pelvis’.

Repeat 5 Times Hold 3 Seconds Complete 3 Sets


PUSH UP                                  

Lying face down, use your arms and push yourself up as shown. End in a straight arm plank position. Keep your toes in contact with the floor and maintain a straight back the entire time. Try to keep your arms next to your sides. For an easier version, widen your wingspan and keep your feet at hip width (or wider). To increase difficulty, hover over the floor anywhere between 3-5 seconds and then push back up to plank position.

Repeat 5 Times Hold 0 Seconds Complete 3 Sets


SQUAT WITH HIP HINGE                    

When squatting, bend over at the waist, tighten your stomach muscles by drawing in your navel and keep your back straight while bending at your hips. This will protect your back from excessive loads. Your buttock should lower behind your feet as if you are going to sit on a seat. Emphasize your weight going through your heels. Also, for good knee alignment, do not let your knees pass in front of your toes and keep your knee in line with your 2nd toe (next to the big toe) as it bends.

Repeat 10 Times Hold 5 Seconds Complete 3 Sets



While standing on one leg, bend forward towards touching the ground as you extend your leg behind you. Then return to the original position. Make sure to keep your hips square to the ground and engage your glute of the extended/lifted leg. Keep your legs straight and maintain your balance the entire time.

Repeat 5 Times Hold 5 Seconds Complete 3 Sets



While lying on your back with your knees bent, raise up both feet and straighten one out in front of you. Then return the leg back and straighten the other. Use your stomach muscles to keep your spine from moving. Keep the extended leg engaged and as low to the ground as possible.(Extend one leg at a time and hold extension for 5 seconds. Do 5 times alternating each side. Repeat the series on both sides 3 times with pause in between sets.)

Repeat 3 Times Hold 5 Seconds Complete 5 Sets


Boat pose                                 

Sitting on the floor, lift your legs off the floor, flexing at the hips, keep the knees bent and your chest open. Make sure your spine is straight, if not, give yourself support by placing your hands under your legs or behind you. Keeping the chest lifted and the back straight, hold the pose. Try not to let your back round, if it rounds, add more external support with your hands.

Repeat 5 Times Hold 3 Seconds Complete 10 Sets              



While lying on your back with knees bent, tighten your lower abdominals, squeeze your glutes, and then raise your glutes off the floor/bed as creating a “Bridge” with your body. Hold and then lower yourself and repeat.

Use your hands for assistance if needed and drive your heels into the ground. Keep your hips tucked (do your best to not arch your lower back)

Repeat 10 Times Hold 3 Seconds Complete 3 Sets



While lying on your back with your knees bent, extend one leg as shown. Keep foot flexed or pointed. Next, raise your glutes off the floor. Keep your quads engaged. Try and maintain your pelvis level the entire time. Release push the floor away with the grounded heel.

Repeat 5 Times Hold 3 Seconds Complete 5 Sets



Download the workout here:

Mobility & Stability Workout