Workout of the Week: Upper Body Strong

Izabella Nock, Site Manager

Try these out in your next workout!

Supersets – 2 exercises after each other with no break in between – 3-5 sets and 15-20 reps before moving to the next superset.



Superset 1

plank to Pushup

Start in a plank position – on forearms, elbows under shoulders, squeeze abs and glutes; push yourself up to a pushup position with both hands after each other then go back down to the plank position.

Modification – knees on the ground.

Crab dip

Go to a crab position – hands forward under shoulders with fingers pointed towards feet, feet straight with bent knees, hips elevated; bend your elbows backwards almost that your hips are touching the ground and push yourself back to the starting position.



superset 2


Go to a push up position, arms under shoulders, elbows 45 degrees angle from the body, legs together; keep your body tight, bend elbows and go down to the push up then push yourself up to the starting point. Modification – knees on the ground.

tricep pushups

Same position, except hands are closer to each other; go down to a push up position with your elbows next to your body and push yourself up to the starting point.



superset 3

bicep curls w/ towel

Grab both ends of the towel and step on it; bend your knee and pull towel up with both hands to a biceps curl. Keep elbows stationary with chest up, don’t move from body.


Jump up, lower into a squat, jump back to a push up position, go all the way down to the floor, push yourself back to a pushup position, jump to your  squat and jump up again.


Download the workout here:

Upper Body Workout