Workout of the Week: No Equipment, No Problem!

Alex Rogers, Site Manager



Aim to complete each exercise for 15-20 reps and 2x through. Complete individually or in a circuit for an added challenge.



Lying face down, use your arms and push yourself up as shown. End in a straight arm plank position. Keep your toes in contact with the floor and maintain a straight back the entire time. Try to keep your arms next to your sides. For an easier version, widen your wingspan and keep your feet at hip width (or wider). To increase difficulty, hover over the floor anywhere between 3-5 seconds and then push back up to plank position.

Repeat 15 Times Complete 2 Sets



When squatting, bend over at the waist, tighten your stomach muscles by drawing in your navel and keep your back straight while bending at your hips. This will protect your back from excessive loads. Your buttock should lower behind your feet as if you are going to sit on a seat. Emphasize your weight going through your heels. Also, for good knee alignment, do not let your knees pass in front of your toes and keep your knee in line with your 2nd toe (next to the big toe) as it bends.

Repeat 15 Times Complete 2 Sets


brace – bicycle:

While lying on your back with your knees bent, raise up both feet and straighten one out in front of you. Then return the leg back and straighten the other. Use your stomach muscles to keep your spine from moving. Keep the extended leg engaged and as low to the ground as possible.(Extend one leg at a time and hold extension for 5 seconds. Do 5 times alternating each side. Repeat the series on both sides 3 times with pause in between sets.)

Repeat 15 Times Each Side


Plie Squat (with toe raises)

Start with legs slightly wider than hip width (or at hip width) and have your toes pointed outward. Next, bend both knees so that you perform a squat in this position while maintaining the 90 degree angle at the knees. Do not let knees go past your toes. While in your deepest squat position, keep your glutes engaged and low (ideally at height of your knees) and lift up onto the ball of one foot. Repeat on other side. (Repeat one side, then other, then both feet together.) Squeeze your glutes and rise up to starting position. Repeat this motion. Make sure that when squatting you are tucking your hips and engaging your abs and pelvic floor. On the way up, squeeze glutes and push your knees back behind you.

Repeat 15 Times Complete 2 Sets  (3 = 1)


Cossack Squat      

Stand with a wide stance. Next, step to the side allowing your knee to bend while lowering your buttocks behind you. While lowering yourself, rotate your other leg so that your knee faces the ceiling.Keep your knees in line with toes. Chest upright. You can raise your arms forward with each knee bend for a counter balance.

Return to original position and repeat on the same side/other side.

Repeat 15 Times Each leg



Start in a standing position. Next, bend your knees and lower yourself towards the floor. Place your hands on the floor as you straighten out your legs so that you are in a plank position with your toes and hands touching the floor. Maintain a straight spine and do not allow your back to sag down. Then, reverse this and bend your knees back up and standing up again.

Repeat 15 Times Complete 1 Set


Download the workout here:

Quarantine Workout – No Equipment Needed