Weekend Workout: Outdoor Workout

Kasie Culi, Site Manager

Try these out in your next workout! Complete the circuit for 12 minutes, getting as many rounds as you can.

10 Jumping Jacks

With feet together and hands to your sides, jump and bring your feet to the left and right, while bringing your hands above your head.

10 Jump Squats

In a squat position, push with your legs to bring yourself to a hop and land back in the squat position.

10 Lateral Bounds

Stand on one foot. Cross your dominant arm over your body. Use force in the dominant leg to leap sideways and land on the opposite foot. Hands should moving as if you were skiing or running.

5 Frog Jumps

Get into a squat position. Jump forwards as far as you can go. Land in a squat position.


Download the workout here:

Outdoor Workout!